Food Myths that Need to Be Dismissed

Food myths have been there since time in memorial. Some people believe certain foods are dangerous and should not be eaten. This might be true but some foods are misunderstood, and people label them for no good reason. Internet rumors continue to add to the internet rumors. However, people, any food is labeled as bad for consumption; it should be backed up by sufficient scientific backing. Here are some of the common myths about food and food additives that need to be dismissed.

Carrageenan is harmful

This is one of the biggest myths going around right now. When people think about carrageenan, they think about a cancerous foodred sea weed additive. The truth is that carrageenan is a safe and approved food additive and many people prefer it over other artificial additives. The reason why many people think carrageenan is bad is that they confuse it with degraded one.

When you look at the production of food-grade carrageenan and the degraded option you will notice that they are very different. The food graded carrageenan goes a lot of tests and approvals before it can be added to food.

Carbohydrates lead to weight gain

The pressure to lose weight has made people think that carbohydrates are bad. People who are trying to lose weight have dismissed carbohydrates from their diet, and this has caused a lot of effects like low energy levels. Carbohydrates are important for the body because they provide a rich source of nutrients. However, it is important to consider the healthy carbohydrate options like sweet potatoes, oats and other sources of unprocessed carbs.

Microwaving food is bad

Some people argue that microwaving food is bad. Using a microwaving foodmicrowave to warm or heat your food is not bad. The fact that the food is heated through radiation does not necessarily make the process of heating food bad. The amount of radiation that you are exposed to every day is not even close to the one microwave releases. It is perfectly fine to heat your food with a microwave once in a while.

Sugar is bad

Sugar is not bad as long as you choose the healthy sugar options. The mistake that many people make is going for the unhealthy options like highly processed sugars. You can choose the good sugars like fruit sugar and also honey as a sweetening agent for your meals.

Tips For Smart Dieting

Most people start dieting once they realize that their weight is getting out of control or when they want a healthier lifestyle. Some rules should be followed during the diet so as to achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, most people are not hard on themselves; therefore, they end up getting frustrated by the results. Below are some of the fundamental principles that should be observed to achieve your weight loss goal;

Eat More Proteins

Proteins should top the list of your diet when you are in a weight loss expedition. This is because studies have shown that they are useful in curbing hunger and cravings. They also stabilize blood sugar levels. Because they deal with hunger effectively, the body metabolism is increased, and more fats are burned down. However, do not overdo it because too much protein may compromise the results.

Eat Fresh Foods

Ensure that you eat fresh food to facilitate healthy eating. Many people love processed foods and they are easily available. However, they are the leading cause of massive weight gain and lifestyle diseases. Replacing them with fresh foods is, therefore, a golden rule in dieting. Take a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats to enhance your weight loss.

Set Attainable Goals

It is important to set short term goals that are attainable when it comes to the weight loss journey. Look at what you are doing at the moment and what you are expected to achieve. When you set long term goals that are not realistic, it becomes easy to give up on the regime because you will not see any results. Keep track of what you eat, how much you exercise and what you can do so as to lose weight. Your diet plan should not deprive you of what your body needs.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

When dieting, understand that it is a personal journey and the objectives for different people are diverse. Do not compare yourself to others because the results will not be the same. Instead, focus that energy on trying to improve yourself constantly.

Eat Regularly

A diet is not meant for starvation purposes. The trick to smart dieting is ensuring you have small portions of food regularly. That will help to prevent hunger pangs and craving. Take fruit salads and vegetables in between the day. Nuts will also help. With no time, you will attain your goals if you discipline yourself and be focused on the journey.