Health Benefits of Having Regular Sex

Sex is considered a workout if done regularly due to the health benefits that you can get. The reality is that no matter the age, sex is a gift to humanity if done with the ideal person and at the perfect time. Apart from the health benefits of sex for men, guys love sex with a woman. It is not difficult for women to live without sex, but it is a great challenge for men. Therefore it’s ok if you want to have sex with your partner even though she’s on a period. If you want to know more information about having sex during one’s monthly period, you can visit Furthermore, here are the health benefits of sex for men and women that you should know.

Improve Emotional Health

Although it has been said that women like to be loved and appreciated, the same is true for men. When someone gets great sex from their partners, they feel loved, appreciated and their self-esteem is greatly increased. A man with low self-esteem could easily improve with a loving partner because it suits him sexually. The emotional health benefits of sexual acts are evident in both men and women.

Although women do not directly benefit emotionally from sexual acts, a wonderful relationship with their spouse provides emotional balance. When an individual has been emotionally cared for, they seem to be powerful enough to care for their partners. This creates an excellent connection between the two. A man who is sexually satisfied is unlikely to have the ability to focus on any other woman regarding their wives. At the same time, sexual satisfaction builds a better relationship and a powerful bond.

Burn Your Calories

Sex, like physical activity, burns calories. 1 sexual encounter of about 1/2 hour can burn 85 calories. Obviously, a close sexual encounter can burn more, and an extremely passive interaction can burn more. If you want to know more information other benefits, you can check out this video.

Build Self Esteem for Women

As I mentioned earlier that having sex with your girl during her period is a good thing to do. In this session, she could feel unconfident with her situation. However, you can use this opportunity to builds trust, self-esteem, and can help you create and maintain closeness. Unless your partner has a violent and horrible streak, the activity of sexual intercourse creates a level of stability, trust, and good feelings between two people. The flowing hormones help you communicate to enjoy the bonding process. If you want your partner to do something with you or give you a unique gift, they are likely to be more generous and helpful than others at the height of the sexual experience.