Ways to Keep Healthy When You Have an Office Job

Many people with office jobs know this, and living a healthy lifestyle can be especially difficult when we’re stuck behind a desk all day. One way to combat this problem is to find a quality standing desk that will allow you to stand comfortably while you work. But despite these challenges, it is not impossible to stay healthy while sitting at a desk, no matter how stressful your job may be. That is why we’ve put together the simple actions you can incorporate into your daily routine to boost your wellness at work.

Take Time to Stretch

curly hairIt is not just your mind that needs a break, your body too. Studies have shown that sitting for long hours can be harmful and that people who sit for more than eight hours a day without physical activity have a similar risk of death as smokers and the obese. Other consequences of sitting sickness include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and depression.

This is why it is very important to get enough daily exercise if you have a desk job. This can help offset the unwanted side effects of sitting every day. But it is very important to walk, and in a way that is sustainable and comfortable for you. Take advantage of moments like reading an email or a simple phone call to add some movement and freedom to your life. It is not an excess of time in your day, but it has all the positive aspects.

Take Breaks

This is not true at all that working too much and incorporating sedentary activity into your day is ultimately an approach for burnout or, at the very least, cognitive fog. Incorporate reflective breaks into your daily routine to make the most of your brainpower and protect yourself from burnout. Then schedule some time for yourself in your workout day. Your mind and body will thank you.

Consider Standing Meetings

It is exactly what it sounds like meetings where you move around instead of sitting, so your body gets some much-needed exercise while you work without getting distracted by the tasks at hand. Chairless meetings require a simple but very effective way to increase our well-being and increase our variability of movement at work. Many choose to simply paint the chairs in the meeting room and meet there. Team members may suffer or walk elbow to elbow. And then, for walking meetings, you don’t even need to go outside. Eventually, you will get used to these types of meetings and even prefer them.

Bring Your Own Water Tumbler

Drinking enough water is very important to your health and functioning dehydration can cause cognitive deficits, impair executive functions, and make you less attentive and effective. It can also hurt your mood. Case in point get in the habit of cleaning your glass every two hours, or every time you get up to go to the bathroom.